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Intructions on caring for your pet after an MRI/ CT scan.

Your pet has had a general anesthetic and there are a few important points to remember over the next 24 hours.

Once your pet arrives home you can remove the bandage on his/her leg. This bandage covers the area where the IV catheter was in place and ensures that no bleeding will take place in your vehicle on the ride home.

Since your pet has just had a full anesthetic he/she may be a little unsure of their footing. Take extra caution with stairs and jumping in and out of cars to avoid injury.

Food and water should be reintroduced slowly. At the time of discharge, the Animal Health Technician will advise you on instructions for reintroducing food and water to your pet. Instructions will vary due to the time of day and length of your pets' procedure. The next day food and water should be made available as you normally would.

Although we do not anticipate any problems we ask that you make sure you know the phone number and location of your nearest Emergency or 24 Hour Animal Hospital. If anything should happen that causes you some concern take your pet there immediately to see a veterinarian.

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